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Titanium Circular with 16g Holes

Titanium Circular with 16g Holes

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Item- Amazing design you can create so many variations 

choose from our 16g attachments to make this piece unique as you are. Simply screw and internally threaded attachments 16g into the pre drilled holes.

Prefer 14g , no problem choose our 14g Thickness and attach and 16g threaded ends into the pre drilled holes

Material-ASTM F136  Implant titanium  internally threaded drilled hole

Size- 16g-1.2mm or 14g/1.6mm   available in 5/16'' (8mm) or 3/8'' (10mm)

horseshoe/circular ring only no attachments added

great for statement piece in septum, Daith, ,Eyebrow, Smiley etc