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Titanium Cluster Blue Opal Closure Ring

Titanium Cluster Blue Opal Closure Ring

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Item-Words cannot describe just how pretty these are
 Implant titanium CBR/BCR ring with stunning clip in cluster.

GUAGE/THICKNESS 14g (1.6mm) & 16g (1.2mm)

CLUSTER SIZE- middle opal Tiff Blue 4MM, side opal stones Mint  Green 3MM, sides stones Swarovski 2mm
total cluster size 10mm long -6mm wide

THREAD- clip in place CBR/BCR - no screw or hinge it clips in to place the whole attachment comes out
of the ring)

Sold in singles

Yes we can anodize the titanium any color except black, add color to the cart comments -IF you want a metal color on the list