Simple aftercare for Body Piercings

Simple aftercare for Body Piercings

So, you have a new body piercing or maybe one that's just not healing like you would like? Well, we hope this little blog helps with your healing issues.

Firstly, let's talk about different body piercings and healing times, as not all piercings heal at the same rate. Cartilage piercings will take longer than lobe, nipple will take longer than lips. The reason for this is the area that's pierced maybe thicker tissue like cartilage that can be more sensitive this makes the healing process longer, not to mention the placement as this area suffers a lot more interruption from hair getting wrapped up in the piercing, sleeping on the piercing  etc., All these factors add to the healing time, so it important not mistake this for an infection and add harsh chemicals or cleaning products to your piercing that will make it worse.

I have added a general healing time to the bottom of the blog of piercings to help give you a guide.

Sea salt, why is this the go to natural healing remedy for so many body piercers?

Natural sea salt works great on all body piercings, because sea salt has a natural healing soothing and drawing factors, which means it can help extract anything nasty out of an infected piercing as it draws it to the surface. If no infection is present, it's other factors of healing cleaning and soothing work great for giving the body piercing a great start to healing naturally and looking less red or inflamed. 

Tee Tree oil is also a very popular item than can be used as well as lavender oil, but these should not be overused as they are very powerful and can cause the skin to dry our if overused.

sea salt with essential oils, body piercing healing blend from body clickers

The sea salt premade mix with essential oils and vitamin E is perfect to dilute with water and apply to your piercing.

How to use - mix 1/4 teaspoon with 1/2 pink of warm water and bathe the piercing use of wet cotton balls or tissue is ok, always always wash your hands before touching the piercing.

Use no more than twice a day, if you over clean you're piercing simply won't heal, as the piercing starts to heal reduce your cleaning to once a day then once every other day until healed.

TIP- put 2 Tablespoons in a hot bath for a really nice healing soak.


Top Causes of Piercings Not Healing!!

Touching the piercings, you must wash your hands before you touch your new piercings, unwashed hands are the easiest way to cause an infection, swelling, to your piercing, this can lead to rejection where your piercing is pushed out of your body this can lead to scarring and total loss of the piercing.

Wrong Jewelry size, yes sadly some piercers get it wrong sometimes with bad sizing or jewelry type for a piercing and this cause problems from the first day. If the jewelry is too small it will not allow for swelling and this can lead to infection and sinking of the jewelry into the piercing, both of which will not heal, If you suspect this, please visit your piercer immediately so they can place a new sterilized pierce of Jewelry into your piercing.

The wrong type of jewelry  for you can also lead to longer healing times ,  for example a ring or hoop is great for a nipple or helix piercing but this can take a lot longer to heal and if you have an active life style that causes a lot of movement in the area that's healing this along with the ring can add to discomfort and  prolonged healing times, so always talk with your professional piercer about options that will suit you, it's usually not long before you can change a healed piercing and get the jewelry look you want.

Metal- This is a big deal today as more and more people get pierced; we see the need for hypoallergenic jewelry and bio compatible metals. In Europe the nickel directive has been in place for many years, I started piercing in 2001 and I had the option of surgical steel or titanium, but I knew the Nickle directive was going to rule that surgical steel was no longer allowed to be used in body piercing as I was living in the UK, so I invested in titanium from the start. I couldn't believe how busy I got because of this, many of the established body piercers were all using 316L surgical steel in my area and my piercings healed so much faster, once word got out, I was the go-to place for piercing. Titanium is still the leading material for piercing with today and designs have got so much better, we specialize in affordable titanium jewelry as we know how important it is to have a happy piercing. Titanium is available in the US but it's not a law so many places do still offer implant grade titanium and steel, so always do you research and ask for options as the bottom price that seems like a great deal maybe a 316L basic surgical steel piece of jewelry that might not be a great option if you are a sensitive to metals or a slow healer. 

I really hope this helps whoever reads its and please check out my website for great quality certified implant grade titanium HELLO20 code get 20% off new customers  -website

Please note this blog is based on my advice from 20 years of body piercing experience and this is my professional opinion I don't deem anything as fact.

Liz Mullaney

Estimated time for healing-


LIP PIERCNGS 3-6 weeks

TONGUE 3-4 weeks

CHEEK 6-12 weeks

BELLY 6-12 weeks

NIPPLE 6-12 weeks  

SEPTUM 6-8 weeks

NOSE 4-8 weeks

BROW 6-8 weeks 


Based on the best healing jewelry, please note hoops take longer in some piercings.





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